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When talking about what I do I generally have to go for a whole loop.

Currently I work as a mother, artist, market gardener, builder and all around manager of our off-grid small farm. I am also a contractor/painter, a cook and an entrepreneur for my small scale value added farm and wild harvested products selling at the Farmer's Market and various stores around Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

And yes, as much as I enjoy all of it - at times that is too many hats to wear.


It's easier to define my work by the kind of life I try to live. Intention and choice are high on my list. I like to find balance and connectedness in growing food, being creative, serving my family and community and in being true to who I am.


As much as we are constantly redefining and catching up to the images of ourselves and of the world around us it is important to distinguish between creating a persona and being genuine and real. It's a dance and sometimes a challenge. Moving forward in creating future and yet reminding ourselves of our own story and our roots. Growing new roots. Making a life that is our own.


I am a doer. And very much a self taught, resourceful, not so perfectionist but aspiring to make things work and to make things beautiful kind of person.

I invite you to venture with me into the world of off-grid living, growing food, building things, exploring local resources for making art, finding and creating niches for small business ideas, being resilient and enjoying life on a small footprint. I hope to be able to share some tricks and ideas, maybe inspire, definitely meander about the incredibly close neighbourhood of the vast world of digital and social media. See you there.

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