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The "Facts of Life" Series consists of shaped earrings and necklaces that either represent or remind of physical human organs or body parts. They are small and delicate expressions of the way we inuitively connect with our bodies beyond biology and medical accounts and interventions. A critical claim to connectedness and sense of self.

Ling Cod on Birchbark Earrings from the "Facts of Life" Series

SKU: 10
  • The birchbark is harvested by hand in my backyard that's made of miles and miles of boreal forest and shield country. The fish is caught in Great Slave Lake. I wash the fishskin many times with gentle soap to retain some natural oils and avoid the skin becoming too brittle. Then I nail or tack it to a board to dry it. When dried the skin resembles heavy paper I can work with easily while handling it with care.

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