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Fishskin and Beads carefully tied to Birchbark with metal wire. Silver ear pieces.

Dyed Lake Trout and Beads on Birchbark Earrings

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  • The birchbark is harvested by hand in my backyard that's made of miles and miles of boreal forest and shield country. The fish is caught in Great Slave Lake. I wash the fishskin many times with gentle soap to retain some natural oils and avoid the skin becoming too brittle. Then I nail or tack it to a board to dry it. When dried the skin resembles heavy paper I can work with easily while handling it with care.

    Dyeing the Fishskin involves removing the scales and immersing the skin in a dye before frying it.

    Harvesting, handling and shaping all the involved materials nourishes a sense of relationship and appreciation and deepening knowledge that shapes my artwork and jewelry. I hope each piece of jewelry speaks of that and invites you into the world they come from.

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